carissa_faxlangerI live in North Chesterfield, VA (near Richmond) with my husband, Anthony, and our 6 pets. That’s right, 6 – Snuffy, Theodore, Mackey, Splotchy, Miguel, and Morgan!

We just moved to Virginia from Texas in late Spring ’17, so we’re having a blast settling into our first house and exploring the area. If you have recommendations of cool places to check out, please reach out!

I’m really into animal rescue and have been involved in one way or another for about 10 years. I’ve fostered over 60 dogs and cats over the years, if I didn’t have so many pets of my own I would foster more. Currently I remotely volunteer as the Media Coordinator for Take Me Home Pet Rescue located in Richardson, TX. I help with social mediadesigned & maintain the website, and help out with digital marketing in general. I look forward to finding a local animal rescue so I can begin fostering again soon. I’m an advocate for spay/neuter as well as heartworm prevention. If you have any questions on these topics, please reach out.

My husband (Anthony) and I are really into technology (all new tech is delivered to our door on launch day, generally), and television! We watch hours of TV every week. Click the link in the sidebar to see what episodes I/we have watched most recently.

Anthony and I both work from home – he works for Geek Squad Online Support (more than 10 years with Best Buy!) and I spend my days working as a Happiness Engineer for the users of WordPress.com by the company Automattic (I just celebrated my 1 year Automativersary). Our remote jobs allowed us to choose anywhere in the US (his job is limited to US) so we chose Virginia as our next place to explore in life.

I’m vegetarian, have been since January 2007. Feel free to ask me any questions, but don’t ask me for recipes because I’m a horrible cook and baker.

If you’re looking for more stuffy information about me such as my education, skills, volunteer work, and more – check out my resume here.